Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paris Drinks Lattes - News!

Did that get your attention? OK, so after almost 5 years in the making and many, MANY thousands of dollars spent on my latest CD "Aurea" (like the subtle link there?), with a handful of those K's from very kind and generous people who believe in and support me (thank you!!!), it's become painfully evident that it's hard as fuck (and that's a very hard substance, right up there with diamond, rhenium diboride and carbon nanotubes) to get people to actually buy my music. I'm tweeting, tribing, facebooking, youtubing, myspacing, iMixing, offering CDs for sale at my gigs, handing out business cards with the Aurea logo to inquisitive strangers, even velcroing them to passing animals, and it's resulting in just a handful of sales and a wristful of carpal tunnel issues! Double-you tee eff. I sincerely enjoy connecting with friends and fans on social networking sites... I'm not doing it only to sell records... but it would be nice if more of them would support the artist they're joking with, arguing with, showering with praise or reprimands. It's all good... just show me some love so I can put groceries on the table!

The music business is changed forever, and I can honestly say I have no idea how to convince someone that it's worth spending $15 (or less) for a valuable, rich, emotionally engaging and rewarding musical experience that can potentially grow and unfold subtler layers with repeated listening. Without an extra $20,000 to spend on a publicist, I can only really count on word-of-mouth. And then the word-of-mouthee still has to make the leap of faith and click the button, and not just wait for their friend to burn them a copy or email them a neatly packaged, gift-wrapped zip folder. People these days want something for nothing - the Paris Hilton phenomenon. They'll pay $4.50 for a grande nonfat soy mochaccino latte that comes out in the toilet 2 hours later, but can't see spending a few dollars more to own some great music that will last a lifetime.